Dating a springfield 22 rifle

These rifles went on sale in 1926. Older 1922 rifles, when returned to the armory for repairs, were fitted with all the new parts and marked M1s by re-stamping the receiver.

Springfield Rifles - Trapdoor For Sale

470 Anschtz 520/61 C.I.L. 607 Savage 67 C.I.L. 607 TD Savage 30 Fie30 C.I.L. 621 TD Savage 30D C.I.L. 710 Savage 311 C.I.L. 725 Savage Fox BDE C.I.L. 830 Savage 340 C.I.L.

Dating a springfield 22 rifle

434 Savage 34 Cotter Co. 474 Savage 170 Cotter Co. 474 Springfield 174 Cotter Co. 487T Springfield 187 Cotter Co. 489 Savage 89 Cotter Co. 60-50 Glenfield 60 Cotter Co. 60-50 Marlin 99C Cotter Co.

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Springfield Armory Handguns, Pistols, Semi Automatic Rifles

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Springfield Rifles - Military For Sale

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Dating a springfield 22 rifle

Penney 3040 Marlin 336 J.C. Penney 3040 Glenfield 30A J.C. Penney 4011 Hi Standard Flite King J.C. Penney 6400 Savage 340 J.C. Penney 6610 Savage 120 J.C. Penney 6630 Glenfield 50 J.C.

U.S. Rifle Modle of 1903

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